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Alycia Moulton

Stanford University


In the 1970s, Alycia Ann Moulton proved she was a tennis force to be reckoned with by becoming one of the top junior players in the world. By the time the ’70s were coming to a close, Moulton had won the US Open Junior Championships, placed runner-up at the Wimbledon Junior Championships, and begun her WTA professional tour.

Stanford University offered Moulton a scholarship in 1978, which started a highlight-filled career. From her Collegiate Doubles Championships in 1979 and 1981 to being coached by tennis legends Anne Gould and Frank Brennan, and being a 1981 NCAA singles winner and part of the 1981 NCAA Team Championship squad, Moulton’s time at Stanford catapulted her into the professional tennis circuit. By 1984, Moulton rose to a career-high #18 world ranking in singles. She partnered with Chris Evert in doubles, powering through Great Britain’s home court advantage to win the Wightman Cup.

Having been inducted into the Sacramento Hall of Fame, the Stanford Hall of Fame and the Northern California Tennis Hall of Fame, Moulton’s career was chock full of accomplishments. After retiring from professional tennis, Moulton earned a law degree from the University of California at Davis and is now a member of the California State Bar Association. As a champion of nature conservation, Moulton has acquired hundreds of acres of parkland and works to protect northern California’s natural beauty.

Moulton continues her connection with tennis — she supports East Palo Alto Tennis and Tutoring program, which supports at-risk youth, founded by her former coach and fellow Stanford player, Jeff Arons.

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