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Frank X. Brennan Jr.

Indiana University


With an astounding 21-year record of 510 wins and only 50 losses, Stanford University coach Frank X. Brennan Jr. (b. 1942) established a hallmark in women’s collegiate tennis that may never be surpassed.

Raised in New Jersey, Brennan was introduced to tennis by his father, Frank Sr., who coached the young Billie Jean King. After attending Indiana University, where he played on the men’s tennis team, Brennan founded one the nation’s first summer tennis camps. He began his career at Stanford in the 1979-80 academic year.

Twice recognized by the ITA as Coach of the Decade, Brennan developed some of the finest collegiate and future professional players in the country, including nine NCAA singles champions. His Cardinal teams won a record six consecutive national championships, and 10 national titles overall. Universally admired for his unwavering ethical standards, Brennan has served as a model for collegiate coaches nationwide.

Since his retirement in 2000, his legacy has lived on in the coaching careers of many of his former players, as well as with his son Frank Brennan III, who followed in his father’s great footsteps.

Career Highlights
    Career 510-50 (.911) win-loss record as University’s women’s tennis coach 1979 2000
    NCAA record 10 intercollegiate national team championships 1982, 1984, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1997, 1999
    NCAA record 22 combined team, singles and doubles national championships
    NCAA record 6 consecutive intercollegiate national championships 1986-91
    NCAA record 65 tournament match wins
    Reached NCAA Final Four 18 times in 19 years
    4 undefeated seasons 1982 (20-0), 1984 (26-0), 1989 (29-0), 1990 (29-0)
    13 consecutive Pac-10 Southern Division team championships 1988-2000
    Coached 9 NCAA national singles champions: Alycia Moulton 1982, Linda Gates 1985, Patty Fendick 1986-7, Sandra Birch 1989, Debbie Graham 1990, Sandra Birch 1991, Lilia Osterloh 1997, Laura Granville 2000 (also won in 2001)
    Coached 1 AIAW national doubles championship team: Alycia Moulton and Caryn Copeland 1981; 3 NCAA national championship teams: Elise Burgin and Linda Gates 1984, Leigh Ann Eldredge and Linda Gates 1985, Meredith McGrath and Teri Whitlinger 1990
    Coached 40 players to 94 All-America honors; 22 players to 45 All-Pac-10 honors
    10-time Conference Coach of the Year
    6-time USPTA Northern California Coach of the Year
    USPTA Coach of the Year 1985, 1987
    ITA/Wilson Intercollegiate Coach of the Year 1982, 1987, 1988, 1989
    ITA/Wilson Intercollegiate Coach of the Decade 1989, 2000
    NCAA Coach of the Decade 1991
    11-year member, Intercollegiate Coaches Operating Committee
    Inducted into the NorCal Tennis Hall of Fame 1994
    Inducted into the Stanford University Athletic Hall of Fame 2001
    USTA/International Tennis Hall of Fame Educational Merit Award 2001
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