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Dorothy 'Dodo' Bundy Cheney

Rollins College


Capturing her first national title in 1941, Dorothy ‘Dodo’ Bundy Cheney (b.1916) won nearly 300 USTA championships over the next six decades. The daughter of tennis pioneer May Sutton, Cheney learned the game from her Aunt Florence, adopting her mother’s famous Western forehand. She broke into the USTA Top 10 in 1936 and two years later became the first American woman to win the Australian singles title.

Cheney entered Rollins College while continuing to compete nationally, taking the U.S. Clay Court singles title in 1944. She rejoined the international circuit after World War II, reaching the mixed doubles finals at Wimbledon and French Open in 1946 – the same year she married pilot Art Cheney. After a nine-year hiatus, she broke back into the USTA Top 10 in 1955. In 1957, she started competing at the senior level, launching a record-setting winning streak that may never be equalled.

Career Highlights
    Ranked in the USTA Top 10 1936-1941, 1943-1946, 1955
    U.S. Wightman Cup Team Member 1937-1939
    Australian Singles Champion 1938 (first American woman)
    U.S. Indoor Doubles Champion 1941
    U.S. Clay Court Singles Champion 1944
    U.S. Doubles Finalist 1940, 1941; Mixed Doubles Finalist 1940, 1944
    Wimbledon, French Mixed Doubles Finalist 1946
    U.S. Hard Court Doubles Champion 1954
    U.S. Women’s 40/45 Singles and Doubles: 31 titles 1957-1976
    U.S. Women’s 50 Singles and Doubles: 14 titles 1976-1983
    U.S. Women’s 55 Singles and Doubles: 23 titles 1977-1984
    U.S. Women’s 60 Singles and Doubles: 43 titles 1979-1987
    U.S. Women’s 65 Singles and Doubles: 43 titles 1979-1987
    U.S. Women’s 70 Singles and Doubles: 42 titles 1986-1995
    U.S. Women’s 75 Singles and Doubles: 49 titles 1991-1997
    U.S. Women’s 80 Singles and Doubles: 12 titles 1996-1997
    U.S. Indoor Champion Senior Mixed Doubles 1971, 1977-1978
    U.S. Hard Court Champion Senior Mixed Doubles 1968-1969, 1971, 1975, 1978
    U.S. Grass Court Champion Mother & Daughter (with Chris Putnam) 1976
    Inducted into the Rollins College Sports Hall of Fame 1983
    Winner of the USTA Sarah Palfrey Danzig Award 1988
Other 1998 Inductees
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